Pokemon Go


2 or More


Version One

Everyone playing must have Pokemon Go downloaded on their phones. The idea of the game is to catch as many Pokemon as you can in between bars.

Find a street with a lot of bars, and on route to the first bar you are all going to try and catch Pokemon. The last person to catch a one on the way, has to take a shot. The first person to catch a Pokemon, gets to nominate someone to down their drink.

For every Pokeball missed, you have to take a drink. If you capture a gym on the way, you get to nominate someone to take a shot.

This continues from bar to bar. If you are still standing by the last bar, the player that has caught the most Pokemon is the Master. They get to nominate someone to take the Pokeball shot. (Peach Schnapps and Red Aftershock)

Version Two

Lets say there are four people playing the drinking game, they must all have Pokemon Go open on their phones.

One player is nominated to go outside and catch Pokemon, while the remaining three stay in doors playing Pokemon Go. The person walking about is trying to catch Pokemon to make his friends drink. While the players indoors must use an “Incense” and catch as many as they can. Then drink to the following rules:

  • If a Pokemon is captured, you nominate someone to take 3 drinks
  • If the Pokeball misses the Pokemon or it jumps out you have to take 1 drink yourself
  • If an egg hatches the players indoors have to finish their drink
  • If a Pokemon runs away from you, you must finish your own drink
  • If you manage to beat a gym, all the other players have to finish their drinks
  • If you lose a gym battle, you have to take a shot

Once the 30 minutes are up on the “Incense” the game is over. The person outside comes back and catches up on his drinks (since you can’t drink outside).

Someone else is then chosen to go outside to catch Pokemon, and the game continues.

This game is a lot more fun if teams are keeping in touch with each other through WhatsApp or Text.