When Ninja plays Fortnite

One Drink When…

  • Ninja gets a kill, one more if it’s a headshot
  • Ninja changes skin
  • Ninja says “Tagged for…”
  • Ninja says “Take your shots!” or “Get good!”

Two Drinks When…

  • Ninja mentions, Twitch Prime
  • Ninja is playing with TimTheTatMan, and Tim gets downed or mentions his van
  • Ninja puts on a voice or does an impression

Three Drinks When…

  • Ninja Dies, another one if he dies by headshot
  • Ninja says “Clip it”

Take a Shot When…

  • The final kill is a headshot
  • Ninja shouts “OH MY GOD!” after a kill

Finish Your Drink When…

  • Ninja mentions he doesn’t duo for donations