Mario Party




Every coin you lose by stepping on a circle you take a drink for every coin lost. e.g if you land on a circle that takes 3 coins from you. You take three drinks.

If you reach over 50 coins you get to nominate someone to finish their drink. In the event of a mini game, every player must drink half of their drink and cannot start the mini-game until it has been drank. The winner of the mini game gets to nominate someone to take a shot.

While paying for a star in Mario party you must take a drink for every coin it costs. The person with the most stars wins the game and everyone else must finish their drinks.

If a player lands on a question mark square they must drink while the animation is going on, can’t stop until the animation is finished. In order to buy anything from a shop you must take a drink for every 10 gold it costs.

If Bowser shows up, the last person to shout “Bowsers a cock” has to down their drink.