Mario Kart




Version One

Each player must have a full drink before starting a race.

You must finish your entire drink before your kart crosses the finish line. You are also only allowed to drink while your kart is stationary. The player that finishes first gets to choose the next track.

Version Two

Each player selects the Kart and character for another player so that no one picks their own. Once everyone has agreed on a track the race and drinking can begin.

If you burn out at the start line you have to drink half of your drink before continuing. If at any point you fall off the map you must take a shot of your choice. If you are hit by another players abilities you have to take a drink (This can be anything from a banana to a Star). If a player is hit by a blue shell they must finish their drink.

Once the game is over the player that has finished the highest doesn’t have to drink while the rest of the players must take a drink related to their position they finished in. e.g. If the player finished 12th that player must take 12 drinks.