2 - 4


Start a game in Multi-player mode either 1v1 or 2v2. Each player selects their team but clicking random on team selection. Each player gets to click random three times and choose from the selection of teams. If they are unhappy the can click random a 4th time but must stick with this team.

Once teams have been selected, drink to the following rules:

  • Each team must select a star player. If this player scores, the opposite team must finish their drink.
  • Take one drink if the ball goes out for a throw in, corner, substitution or if someone gets booked.
  • If someone gets sent off, that team must finish their drink.
  • For every goal scored the other team must take three drinks.
  • If one player gets a hat-trick the other team must take a shot.
  • If you lose the game you must finish your drink.
  • If the game goes onto penalties you must constantly drink while taking each penalty. If you lose you must take a shot.