The Drop


3 or More


Players will need two shot glasses, a normal glass and a piece of paper each. Players must balance both shot glasses in the mouth of the glass and half fill the normal glass with Energy Drink. Then select a spirit of choice for the game, Jager is the norm.

A player starts by asking another player a random question about themselves. Giving them two answers to choose from, one correct and one wrong answer. The correct answer gets written down on the piece of paper to ensure there is no cheating.

The player then answers the question. If they are correct, the player asking must half fill one of their shot glass up with Jager. If they are wrong they must half fill their own glass with Jager. This moves onto the next player to ask a question, and it moves clockwise round the circle asking any player a question.

Once a players shot glass is full of Jager, they must pull the empty shot glass out of the normal glass. This causes the Jager filled shot glass to drop into the Energy Drink and you have to drink it in one go.

The first player to answer seven questions correctly wins. This player gets to nominate someone to fill both shot glasses with Jager. The first shot must be taken by itself, causing the other to drop into the the Energy Drink. The Jager bomb that is left (Jager and Energy Drink) must be done straight after.