The Inbetweeners Players: Unlimted

One Drink When…

  • Jay makes a sexual reference
  • Jay says “Clunge”, “Gash”, “Spunk”, “Bell-end”, “Sad act” or “Up to the balls”
  • Neil says something stupid
  • Simon mentions Carli
  • Jay tells a lie

Two Drinks When…

  • One of the lads is drinking
  • Someone swears
  • Carli makes Simon look like a creep

Three Drinks When…

  • Someone says “Brilliant”
  • Someone mentions having sex with Will’s mum
  • Someone makes a gay reference to Neil’s dad

Finish Your Drink When…

  • Any of the lads get’s off with a girl
  • Mr Gilbert is being a complete dick

Take a Shot When…

  • Someone calls Will a “Briefcase Wanker”