Takeshi's Castle Players: Unlimited

One Drink When…

  • General Lee speaks
  • Someone says “Showdown”
  • Craig Charles says “Drink”, “Emerald Guard” or “As my old dad used to say”

Two Drinks When…

  • Any contestant fails within the first 5 seconds
  • The Ridiculous Replay is shown
  • A contestant completes Rice Bowl Downhill

Three Drinks When…

  • Craig Charles calls anyone a “Wazzock”
  • A contestant is wearing fancy dress
  • Someone gets hit on the head or face during Bridge Ball

Take a Shot When…

  • Someone completes Bridge Ball

Additional Rules

  • At the start of the game every player must write down an obstacle. They are all placed into a hat and each player picks an obstacle. If the obstacle you have chosen is shown on TV, you take a shot.
  • After the first round of obstacles you are able to declare out loud whether you think that particular contestant is going to succeed. If you are correct you can nominate someone to drink. If you are wrong you must take a drink.