Pokemon Original Series Players: Unlimited

One Drink When…

  • Misty mentions her bike.
  • Every bad pun.
  • When Ash takes out his Pokedex to check out a Pokemon.
  • When Pikachu is used in battle.
  • A Pokeball is thrown.
  • Pikachu says his own name in full.

Two Drinks When…

  • When Ash tells someone how he want’s to become a Pokemon Master.
  • Pikachu uses Thunderbolt.
  • When someone explains weakness of Pokemon elements e.g. electric types are weak against rock types.
  • When a Pokemon fails to do what Ash asks.

Three Drinks When…

  • When Ash gets a new gym badge.
  • Last person to shout “Gary is a bellend” when he appears on screen.
  • If Meowth comes up with a plan.
  • If Meowth falls in love.

Finish your drink

  • When Brock hits on a pretty girl, only to be dragged away by someone.
  • When team rocket show up. (If someone doesn’t sing along with the song they have to take a shot)
  • Last person to guess the Pokemon during the half-time break.