Love Island Players: Unlimited

One Drink When…

  • Someone has an argument
  • Someone says “My Type”
  • Someone says “Graft”
  • Someone is crying
  • Ian Stirling (commentator) makes a bad joke
  • Someone says “Put it on him/her”
  • Someone mentions their “Head getting turned”

Two Drinks When…

  • Someone says “Mug”
  • Someone says “Pied”
  • Someone is having/had sex
  • Someone says “crack on”

Three Drinks When…

  • Someone mentions being in a “love triangle”
  • Someone jumps in the pool
  • Someone gets pied

Take a Shot When…

  • The security are on screen

Finish Your Drink When…

  • One of the original cast leaves the Island (not including the final)