How I Met Your Mother Players: Unlimited

One Drink When…

  • Anyone High fives
  • Ted is talking about a woman
  • Barney hits on/sleeps with a woman
  • Lilly gives someone advice
  • There is a flashback

Two Drinks When…

  • Barney says “Legen-wait for it”
  • Robin does something masculine
  • Barney says “Suit up”
  • Marshall says “Lawyered”

Three Drinks When…

  • Barney makes fun on Canada
  • Barney does magic
  • Ranjit appears
  • Ted thinks he’s in love

Finish Your Drink When…

  • Ted kisses Robin
  • Barney says “True Story”

Take a Shot When…

  • The yellow umbrella is mentioned
  • Someones parent appears