Harry Potter Players: Unlimited

One Drink When…

  • Harry’s Scar Hurts
  • Ron makes a mistake
  • Malfoy say “Potter”
  • Hagrid says “I shouldn’t have said that”

Two Drinks When…

  • Points at any time are given away
  • Someone shouts “Harry”
  • Hermione raises her hand
  • Voldermort’s name is avoided
  • Slytherin and Gryffindor have and altercation

Three Drinks When…

  • Ron says “Bloody”
  • Malfoy mentions his father
  • Hermione breaks a rule
  • Horcrux is spoken about
  • Someone says “Mublood” or “Halfblood”

Finish Your Drink When…

  • Harry saves the day
  • Hermione and Ron have a moment

Take a Shot When…

  • Someone uses a curse that they shouldn’t (Killing, Cruciatus)
  • When a main character dies