Friends Players: Unlimited

One Drink When…

  • When Chandler tells a joke
  • All six friends are in one apartment
  • Someone sips their coffee
  • Chandler and Joe are watching TV together
  • Joe says something stupid
  • Rachel says something a rich brat would say

Two Drinks When…

  • Joe mentions sex or hits on a girl
  • Monica is cleaning or mentions cleaning
  • Someone is watching or playing sports
  • Phoebe plays her guitar
  • Phoebe says something really weird

Three Drinks When…

  • Someone mentions Ugly Naked Guy
  • Ross and Rachel touch
  • Gunther obsesses over Rachel
  • A family member appears
  • Janice appears
  • Ross mentions dinosaurs or something related to his job

Finish Your Drink When…

  • Janice laughs
  • Joe says “How you doing?”
  • Phoebe is driving her grandma’s cab
  • Ross says the word “Fossil”
  • Chandler smokes

Take a Shot When…

  • Ross and Rachel kiss
  • Anyone is playing Foosball (Table Football)
  • There is a celebrity appearance
  • Someone says “We were on a break”
  • Ross says “Pivot”