Goon of Fortune


3 or More


In order to play this game you will need access to a garden, a washing line and a deck of cards.

Before the game starts, someone has to be nominated as “Show Master”. All other players sit underneath the washing line. The Show Master then draws a random card from the deck.

The Show Master places one item of clothing on the washing line and spins it. Eventually the washing line will stop spinning, and the item of clothes will be hanging above a players head.

If the card was Red, that player gets to nominate another player to drink the value of the card (All face cards are 10 drinks). If the card was Black, they have to drink that value on the card themselves. e.g. If a three of hearts was chosen and the washing line item of clothing landed on you. You would get to nominate someone to take 3 drinks.

If a Red Ace is drawn, you get to nominate someone to take a shot. If it’s Black, you have to take a shot.

Showing the card before you spin the washing line makes the game more fun.