Drinking Darts


2 or More

What You Need

  • 5-10 plastic cups (beer pong ones are perfect)
  • A3 piece of paper or cardboard
  • Ping pong ball
  • A small piece of paper for every cup
  • Blu Tack or Glue


Start by sticking the cups to the A3 piece of paper, with the cups facing upwards. (Use tape, blu tack or glue) For an interesting game, you are best to use the layout shown in the image above. For each cup you need to make a rule, such as: Waterfall, Take a Shot, Finish Your Drink etc… Make sure one of the cups is named: The Golden Cup.

The game starts by standing at least two meters back from the board. (Obviously the further back you stand the harder it is) Each player takes a turn throwing the Ping pong ball at the board. The Objective of the game is to get the ball in the Golden Cup 3x and you win. If the ball lands in another cup you must carry out that rule e.g. Finish Your Drink.

If you win the game, everyone else must take a shot of your choice. If you miss the board and hit nothing you have to take 2 drinks.