Sex Master


3 or more


This game is best with a mix of guys and girls. All sit around in a circle and take a turn rolling two dice.

Depending on the outcome of the dice, follow these rules:

2 - Kiss anyone you want, if he/she is not willing then they must finish their drink.

3 - Take one drink.

4 - You must hold hands with the next person that rolls a 4. If they drink you drink.

5 - Drinking Bitch: The next player to roll can make you to take a drink of anyone else’s drink. If anyone refuses, they must finish their drink.

6 - Sex Master, you may choose any two people to kiss (This includes yourself)

7 - Kiss the person to the right of you and the person to the left drinks.

8 - Sex Position: You must lie on your back if you are female, or lie on your stomach if you are male. You must drink in this position until someone else rolls an 8.

9 - Everyone Drinks

10 - Make a rule

11 - Kiss the person to your left and the person to the right drinks.

12 - Have 12 drinks.

Any sexual innuendo’s that are created during this game allow you to nominate someone to take a drink.