Russian Roulette


2 or More


You will need a deck of cards, a dice and 6 shot glasses. Start by pouring water in 5 of the shot glasses, then in the 6th shot glass pour a clear spirit. Such as Vodka or Bacardi.

Take Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of any suite out of the deck of cards and place them face up (You can also just write numbers on cut up pieces of paper). Then place a shot glass on top of each number.

Each player then takes a turn rolling the dice, and drinking the shot on top of the corresponding number. e.g. If you roll a 3, you drink the shot that is on top of the number 3. If you get water you are through to the next round, if you get the shot of booze you are out. If you roll a number that has already been drank, you just pass it to the next person and keep going until you get a shot.

Once that person is out, you set the game up again and continue until there is only one winner.