Messy Casino


2 or More


For this game you need a deck of cards, shot glasses and a dice.

Take the Ace’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, Jokers and 2 Queens out of the deck. These are the cards you will be needing. These cards are then shuffled and every player is dealt one card face up.

The dealer then rolls the dice. If the number corresponds with the number on your card you have to take that many drinks. For example, if you have been dealt a 3 and the dealer rolls a 3 you have to take 3 drinks. An Ace counts as one and a Joker makes you immune from drinking. If both Jokers are dealt in one game, both players get to choose one player to take a shot. If you get a queen, you can use this to make two players swap their cards. If you get a queen, you must also drink if a 1 is rolled.

Every 3rd roll is a shot round. This means that if the number rolled matches the number you have been dealt, you have to take a shot. The cards are then shuffled and the game starts again.