3 or More


All players sit around a table, place and empty cup in the centre of the table (The Game Cup) along with a die.

A player starts by filling The Game Cup with their own drink, with as little or as much as they want. They then roll the die and do the following depending on the outcome:

1: The Player does nothing, and the dice gets passed to the next player

2: The Player adds more drink to The Game Cup

3: The Player drinks the contents of The Game Cup

4: The Player has to shout “Avalanche!” and everyone has to get face down on the floor. Last one down has to finish their drink.

5: The Player can choose anyone to drink the contents of The Game Cup at that time.

6: The Player gets a extra life. Meaning they are immune to drinking the contents of The Game Cup, but only once. Only one person at a time can hold “The Extra Life” so if someone else rolls a 6, you lose it.