Use the Force


2 or More


Deal the deck of cards evenly to all the players until the deck is gone. Set a target at the other end of the room (The smaller it is the harder the game). Everyone throws the cards they were dealt at the target.

Whoever throws their card the furthest away from the target must take a drink, if another player throws it even further then they must drink. When the target has been hit everyone has to down their drink. Once the target has been hit 5 times, the player who hit it the 5th time gets to nominate another player to take a shot. If at any point 2 players cards collide mid air every other player must down their drinks. The first person who hits the target gets to make a rule up for the game (e.g. only throw with your right hand)

Once the deck has ran out or the target has been hit 5 times the game is restarted.