Up and Down the River


3 or More


Someone appoints a dealer then each player is dealt 8 cards face up. The dealer then begins the game by flipping the top card of the deck and showing it on the table.

Every 4 cards flipped, the “Up” or “Down” direction of the river is switched. You start off going “Up River” meaning that the players match the cards with the ones flipped over. If the first card is matched they get to nominate someone to take 1 drink and 2 drinks for the 2nd and so on…(If you get two of the same card that counts as double the amount)

The second four cards flipped represent going “Down River” This time when cards are turned over and when the players have the matching cards in their hands, they must drink the drinks themselves instead of handing them out to others. This continues until all the cards in the deck are gone. The last person to get rid of all of their cards must take a shot.

Then a new dealer is appointed and the game starts over again.