Uno Poker


3 or More


Everyone is dealt one card each and places the card on their head without looking at it. This should allow everyone else to see your card apart from yourself.

Everyone takes turns going clockwise around the circle betting drinks. If you fold you must take 1 drink. You can bet a maximum of your entire drink each round. Once the betting is done, you all look at your cards at the same time and whoever has the highest card wins and the losing players drink the amount they bet.

Jokers are included in the deck. This is known as the “Jackass Card” when a player places this on their head, everyone must point and shout “Jackass” and that player has to take a shot.

The dealer is passed clockwise round the table at the end of every round. Once it comes back to the original dealer this is the “Shot Round”. This means there is no betting, you place an empty shot glass in the center of the table. The highest card number picks the shot and the lowest card number takes it.