Top Card


3 or More


Everyone is dealt 8 cards and the rest of the deck is placed in the centre of the table. The first card on top of the deck is turned over.

Each player takes a turn laying cards to match the value of the card that’s turned over. e.g. If the first card is a 9, the first player could lay another 9 or a 5 and a 4 to total 9. The last card that’s been laid down is one you are trying to match the numerical value for. If no one can lay, another card from the deck in the centre is drawn.

Ace’s are 1, Jack’s are 11, Queen’s are 12 and Kings are 13.

Every time you successfully lay a card you get to nominate someone to take a drink. If you are unable to lay a card you must take 2 drinks.

The first person to get rid of all their cards wins, and gets to nominate someone to finish their drink. If any player manages to lay an Ace, they get to nominate someone to take a shot.