The Drug Dealer


6 or More


The dealer deals one card for each player playing, ensuring that there is one King and one Ace that has been dealt. The cards are dealt face down and each player looks at their card without showing anyone else.

Whoever gets the Ace is the Drug Dealer and whoever gets the King is the police officer. At some point the Drug dealer must wink at someone. The player that was winked at must then say “The Deal has been done”.

The Police officer must try and figure out who the drug dealer is. If the police officer guesses wrong he must take a drink related to the number that player had on his card. e.g. If the police officer guesses wrong and that player has the 5 of hearts he must take 5 drinks. If he guesses wrong 3 times the drug dealer gets away and he gets to nominate someone to take a shot. If the Police officer guesses correctly within three guesses then the Drug Dealer must finish his drink before he goes to jail.