Steel Baws


2 or More


This game either consists of two players or two teams. Each player is dealt two cards both face down on the table. The object of the game is to have the highest total value of cards (Aces are high). First both players must blind bet without looking at their cards. Players can bet any number of drinks with no limits, if a player folds they have to take 3 drinks.

Then each player at the same time chooses one of the two cards to turn over. Players then bet again taking into account that one card that’s been turned over. Finally you turn over your cards and whoever has the highest total of the two cards wins. The loser must drink the bet number of drinks.

If you fold and your hand was higher than the other players you must also take a shot as well as taking your 3 drinks for folding. If you are playing as part of a team all players must drink instead of the individual.