All players sit around the table and place spoons in the center of the table. There should be one less spoon than the number of players. Deal out the cards giving four to each player. There is one ‘Shot Caller’ each round who says “pass out” loud indicating when each player must pass a card off to the player next to him (Left by default, unless someone calls “pass right”)

The objective of the game is to collect four of a kind. Once a player has acquired four cards of the same suit, they place their cards down and grab a spoon. This means every other player has to race to grab a spoon. Since there is one less spoon than players someone goes out every round.

The player that gets knocked out has to drink the value of his or her cards they have left in their hand. e.g. if the player has three 2’s and a 5 left they have to drink 11 drinks. The person who wins the game gets to nominate someone to take a shot.