Ring of Fire


3 or More


A pint glass is placed in the centre of the table and the entire deck of cards is placed in a circle around the pint glass.

Players around the circle take turns picking cards. Each card has a different rule. This game has many difference versions of rules but here are the main ones:

Ace: Waterfall, everyone playing must start drinking at the same time. You cannot stop drinking until the person to your right has stopped drinking.

King: Kings Cup, this is when half of your drink gets added to the empty pint glass in the middle of the circle. The person that picks the final king of the pack has to finish the pint glass in the middle at the end of the game.

Queen: Question Master, the person that has this card has the power to ask anyone a question. If that person answers then they must drink. If the person asked, then replies with a question the person who picked the card must drink. This card can be kept for the length of the game.

Jack: Thumb Master, the person picking this card can at any point during the game put their thumb down on the table. The last person to do the same thing has to drink. Once this has been done once it cannot be done again until another Jack has been picked.

10: Category: the person that selects this card must select a category for example “Cars”. Then the person to their left must come up with a type of car. This continues in a clockwise direction until someone cannot think of any more car types. This person must drink. The same car type cannot be used twice if so that player must drink.

9: 7&9 Bust a Rhyme: start a rap with a phrase or sentence ending in a word that can be rhymed with. The person to your left must then rhyme to that sentence continuing in a clockwise direction. This is continued until someone cannot think of a rhyme or takes longer than 7 seconds to think of one. This person must drink.

8: 6&8 Pick a Mate, pick another player to take a drink with you. This can also be continuous throughout the entire game depending how you play.

7: Bust a Rhyme

6: Pick a Mate

5: Up high, last person to raise their hands in the air has to take a drink.

4: Touch the Floor, last person to touch the floor has to take a drink.

3: Three for me, the person that picked this card takes three drinks.

2: Two for you, nominate someone to have two drinks.

Jokers: Hard-core Mode, take a shot of any spirit.