Ride the Bus


3 or More


Take the jokers out and deal the cards out in a Pyramid shape: 4-3-2-1, as shown in the picture above.

You then put the jokers back in the deck. Then deal the cards clockwise to all the players until there are no cards left.

The players that have the jokers are automatically on the bus, which is the next stage of this game. If someone has two jokers they can nominate some else to go on the bus.

You then go from left to right of the pyramid starting at the bottom working your way up the pyramid turning each card over. If a player has the card that is turned over in their hand they must lay it and nominate someone to drink. The bottom row of the pyramid is one drink per card, every row after is above is an additional drink. So the final card is five drinks per card.

Once you have reached the top of the pyramid every player must then count their cards. The players with the highest two amounts are on the bus.

The deck is then shuffled and then placed in a diamond shape 1-2-3-2-1.

The objective of this is to make it from one side of the diamond shape to the other without hitting a face card. The players on the bus take turns choosing cards if you hit a face card. (Ace, Jack, Queen, King) the dealer puts fresh cards over all the cards that were turned over and you start again. You then take drinks depending how far along you get. If you get to the 3rd row of the diamond everyone takes three drinks and you start over.

Once you make it from one side to the other without hitting a face card you are off the bus and the game is finished.

To make the game harder you can deal the jokers into the bus and if the joker is hit on the bus the player who chose that card can take a shot to continue. If not the bus must be restarted.