4 or More


Everyone gets dealt 7 cards each and the remaining cards get put in the centre of the table.

The top card is turned over from the remaining deck, then each player takes a turn trying to make up the value of that card. e.g. If the card is a 10 you could lay two 5’s, 7 and a 3 or even just a 10. (Ace can be both 1 and 14) Any number of combinations can be used by the one player.

If you unable to lay any cards you take a drink. The first person to get rid off all their cards (or has the lowest number of cards when the remaining deck is finished) gets to nominate someone to finish their drink.

If the Ace of Hearts gets laid by a player, they get to nominate someone to take a shot. If its turned over in the remaining deck, everyone must finish their drink.