Horse Racing


2 or More


All the kings and queens are taken out of the deck and placed vertically in a line. This is going to be the race track. You then need to take out all the aces from the deck, these are going to be your horses.

You align the Ace’s from the deck vertically at one side of the horizontal line you have made with the kings and queens. Each player has to choose a horse, or a suit.

You nominate someone to be the dealer and they will turn over the remainder of the cards one at a time. For the suit of each card that is turned over by the dealer you must move the Ace of that suit forward one card width. In line with the kings and queens you set up earlier.

This continues until the ace has made it past the top of the vertical line of kings and queens. This horse has won the race. Continue until you know which Ace or horse is last and drink to the following:

1st Nominates 5 drinks

2nd Takes 1 drink

3rd Takes 3 drinks

4th Take 5 drinks