Give and Take


4 or More


Players should all sit around a table for easy access to the cards and to make communication easier. Deal seven cards to each player and create two rows of six cards in the centre of the table. One row represents ‘Truth’ and the other represents ‘Dare’.

Each player takes turns flipping over the two rows of cards in the centre of the table one by one. If a player has the card that has been turned over they must either do a truth or dare depending which side the card is on. If the player doesn’t want to do the Truth or Dare then they must have the same amount of drinks as the value of the card. For example if the card is a 6 of hearts then the player must have 6 drinks. The person who turns over the card decides on the Truth or Dare.

If a player has two of the cards that has been flipped over they can nominate someone to do the Truth or Dare or they have to drink their drinks. If no one has a card that has been flipped then everyone drinks for 3 seconds. If anyone has an Ace in their hand they can make up a drinking rule instead of drinking or doing Truth or Dare.

Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game must have a drink for each card.