Fuck the Dealer


3 or More


First each player chooses a face down card from the deck. Whoever picks the lowest card (Aces are high) begins as the first dealer.

The dealer then has the deck in their hand and asks the person to their left to guess the suit of the top card in the deck. Should the person guess right the dealer takes 2 drinks if the player guesses wrong they take 2 drinks and goes again guessing the value of the next card. If the player guesses correctly the dealer drinks 4 drinks if the player guesses wrong again they take 4 drinks and has to guess if the next card is higher or lower than the last. If the player gets this correct the dealer drinks 5 drinks if the player gets it wrong again has to drink 5 drinks himself and moves onto the next player. If the player guesses the suit correctly first time it moves on to the next player.

Jokers are placed in the deck and when they are turned over at any point the dealer and the player must take a shot and then move onto the next player. Once the deck has finished you must assign a new dealer by choosing cards from a deck again. Lowest card is the new dealer.