Fuck You


4 or More


Every player gets dealt 5 cards each and the remaining cards get left in the centre of the table. Someone starts by turning over the top card from the remaining deck. Let’s say it’s a ‘5’, that player can then nominate another player to drink for ‘5’ seconds. e.g. The player must say “Fuck you, Nicole” this means Nicole would have to drink for 5 seconds.

If the player doing the drinking (in this case Nicole) has a ‘5’ in her hand she can then lay it an nominate someone else to drink for 5 seconds and so on. Once the drinking is finished, it’s the next persons turn to pick a card from the deck in the centre of the table. (Goes round the table clockwise) All face cards are worth 10 seconds.

If a player has an ‘Ace’ in their hand, and gets nominated to drink for a certain number of seconds. They can lay it and shout “Fuck You Right Back” this means they don’t have to drink for any seconds, and the player that nominated them has to take a shot.

If an ace is turned over from the remaining cards in the centre, that player gets to nominate another player to take a shot.