2 or More

What You Need

  • Deck of cards
  • Pint Glass


Each player is dealt five cards each. The rest of the deck is spread out in a circle around the pint glass. (As shown in the diagram above)

The first player “Goes Fishing” and selects a card from the circle and flips it over. Everyone must then lay down a card equal or higher than that card. (Aces are high) If a player cannot lay a card, they must take a drink and pick a card from the circle. At the end of each turn, the cards used by other players are mixed back into the circle face down. Whoever laid the highest card, starts the next round and picks the next card from the circle.

  • If a player picks up a three, they must pour a small amount of their drink into the pint glass in the middle.
  • If a player pick up a King, they must drink the contents of the pint glass.
  • If a player picks up the Ace of Hearts they can: nominate someone to drink the drink in the pint glass, or become immune when they pick up a King.
  • If a player lays the Ace of Spades you can nominate someone to pick up two additional cards from the circle.

The first player to get rid of all their cards, is the winner. The winner can nominate another player to finish the drink in pint glass or take a shot.