Colour Blind


2 or More (Even Number)


You will need a deck of cards and a pitcher or large glass. Start by splitting the players into two teams and sitting either side of a table. Each team must nominate someone to start. Place the deck face down in the centre of the table and the empty pitcher next to it.

The nominated player for Team 1 starts by guessing the colour of the first card and turning it over. If the player guesses correctly, they have to pour a small amount of their drink into the pitcher. If the player guesses wrong, they have to add their own drink into the pitcher and finish the contents. It then moves onto Team 2 and continues.

The more correct guesses a team gets, the more drink in the pitcher.

If a player is feeling brave they may guess the suit of the next card. If guessed correctly the other player has to take a shot. If guessed wrong, the player themselves must take a shot.