2 - 6


Thoroughly read the rules as the game can be difficult to follow (especially when drinking). Once you know how to play, drink along with the following rules.

If you lose an infantry troop you must take two drinks, if you lose a cavalry unit you take 3 drinks and if you lose an artillery unit it’s 5 drinks. If you take over a country on the board, you get to nominate a neighbouring country to take 3 drinks.

If you get knocked out you must finish your drink. If you are the first person knocked out of the game you must take a shot. If you are the last man standing or if you are winning when you finish the game, your first act as leader of the world is to make everyone else take a shot of the winners choice.

If you are in control of Great Britain, you must speak in a posh British accent. Each turn that passes and that player forgets or doesn’t do it, they must take a drink.