Version One

Players sit around the board game and take turns removing the blocks and placing them on the top in the same formation as the blocks below.

You can only select blocks from below the top three rows. For every block taken out successfully without knocking the structure over, they get to nominate someone to take a drink. This continues until the structure is knocked over. The player that knocks the structure over must finish their drink.

Additional Rules

Before setting up the blocks some of them can have certain shots or special cocktails allocated to them. These must be drank if that block has been removed.

Version Two

Take a pen and write your own rules on each block. As the blocks are pulled out carry out the rule written on the block. Here is a list of some of our favourites:

  1. Give 1 drink, 2, 3 etc…
  2. Take 1 drink, 2, 3 etc…
  3. Waterfall - Drink in a circle until the player to your left stops
  4. Deja Vu - Same rule as the previous brick
  5. One Touch - Next turn you must take the first brick you touch
  6. Immune - Immune from drinking until next turn
  7. Opposite - Must use your bad hand next turn
  8. Epic - Everyone finishes their drink
  9. No Teeth - If you show your teeth, you take a drink. For the rest of the game
  10. Sip or Strip - Take 5 drinks or take off an item of clothes
  11. Truth or Lie - Tell a story, if people guess if it’s true or not correctly then you take a drink. If not they drink.
  12. Rewind - Remove another brick
  13. Body Shot - Take a shot off of someone
  14. Question Master - If you ask someone a question and they answer, they must drink.
  15. Right - Right hand drinking only
  16. Left - Left hand drinking only
  17. T-Rex - Your elbows must touch your sides until the end of your next turn
  18. One Foot - Must take your next two turns on one foot
  19. Bad Santa - You must take your
  20. Swap - Swap drinks with the person to your right